BREAKING! US House Voted (And Passed!) To End Shark Fin Sales

House Votes On Shark Fin Ban

In a move many are lauding as finally catching up to the sentiment on the issue, the US House of Representatives voted yesterday (11/20/19) 310 v 107 to ban the trade of shark fins!

This will ban all commercial trade including import, export, trades, distribution, and possessing shark fins. Considering that the majority of Americans solidly oppose the issue, it’s nice to finally see some official progress being made. Currently 13 states ban or limit the trade and the US prohibits finning in our waters, the infamous shark fin soup still makes it rounds in quite a few areas.

These apex animals are being killed 30 percent faster than they can reproduce. Sharks are economically valuable to the tune of $630 million and there is likely to be some pushback but this commerce is unsustainable, and some shark populations have declined by as much as 90% in recent decades, threatening many with potential extinction The balance of ocean ecosystems that these predators are part of is in dire straights

Next Stop, The Senate

The action will move to the senate for consideration next. Let your senators know your thoughts and how you want them to vote! Track the bill and its progression HERE.

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