My Journey – When the Wanderlust Hit

It’s been a wild few years for me up to this point. I climbed a corporate ladder doing what I thought you’re supposed to be an “adult,” and felt unfulfilled. When I found a Groupon for scuba diving and discovered a passion I never knew I had, I knew my life needed to change. I had done what I was supposed to do, according to society, and yet it didn’t feel right. I dreaded going to work, working long hours in a place that was not inspiring. So why not make a change?

Abandoning My “Professional” Job to Become a Divemaster

I worked my way up through my divemaster level on my days off through an internship and quit my big kid job to work on boats instead. That was about 5 years ago in West Palm Beach FL.

Since then I had made diving my full time job. Eventually I met a guy I rather liked (who is also a pro diver) and we’ve worked the industry together. We opted to go even more non traditional in our lifestyle and bought an RV straight out. Breaking my apartment lease, in December 2016 we moved to Key Largo FL to get a new take on diving while living in the RV. We started right before Christmas and hit the ground running!

Is it scary? Absolutely. Many would say that the dive industry doesn’t pay well enough to make a living off of. And they’d be wrong! It may not break the bank generally, but if you are paying attention to your finances and take care of your tips then you can do just fine for yourself. Not to mention the other ways that the industry “pays” in the way you get to travel and dive–what most people only get to do while on vacation!

Evacuation and Migration

September 2017 we were forced to evacuate due to hurricane Irma and headed back to the Midwest for the winter. Luckily we had the RV so it was easy enough to pack up and move–though the trip to Missouri/Kansas was far from uneventful. We could have gone back to Key Largo honestly, but the RV Park we were at didn’t even try to open back up until December and John Pennekamp State Park had laid all employees off until about that same time as well. We couldn’t afford to be out of work for so long so we opted to stay in the Midwest for the winter and then make new plans for summer. Since then we’ve been bouncing and exploring, and I see no signs of that stopping!

The Winnebago

Our road warrior scuba-mobile

Key Largo

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